Our digital goody bags

do all the hard work

No Fuss, Accessible
& Trackable.

Our virtual event bag for your in-person, online and hybrid events.

We want to make everyone’s event easier and a little bit better with our new digital swag bags.

Our accessible and sustainable virtual swag bag is designed to hit the event organiser’s sweet spot.

These virtual swag bags make everyone’s life easier.

  • No more lugging around event merchandise and stuffing physical gift bags
  • Clear marketing results for your event, your sponsors, and exhibitors
  • Exciting goodies and gifts that all event attendees can enjoy

Why choose our accessible virtual swag bags

No one is left out

It uses the latest accessibility tech and knowledge.

Less hassle and money

No shipping, storing or stuffing required.


It’s environmentally friendly.

Better systems

We help you schedule, measure and show results.

More leads

Drive customers to your sponsor and exhibitor’s information, making them (crucially) happier.

High-quality digital content

Instil confidence and build trust.

Our virtual swag bags are

designed with everyone in mind.

Event Attendees


Accessible exciting content straight to their device.

Event sponsors & exhibitors

Great ROI

Our easy-to-use platform offers trackable and measurable results.

Event organisers

Less fuss/stress

Streamlined, customizable service, covering in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Easy to
set up

Unlimited event sponsors

Multiple digital
Swag options

Customisable branding


What are virtual swag bags?

A modern sustainable twist on the traditional event goody and gift bag, it allows you to share your sponsors and exhibitors’ promotional goodies using our Swagable platform and digital swag bag.

Our fun, accessible, virtual event bags work hard for everyone and can include

  • Discounts
  • Access to Prizes
  • Digital Products
  • Competitions
  • Virtual Event Gifts
  • Digital Downloads

SWAG stands for Something We All Get and we are proud that our virtual bags are accessible to everyone and kind to the environment.

How our virtual swag bags work


Give your event sponsors and exhibitors access to our easy-to-use digital platform.

Here they can create a virtual goody bag with trackable offers, downloads and gifts – using our accessible tech and tips


Our automated systems reduce event management stress. Our system helps collect all the digital swag and allows you to schedule your marketing.

Conference attendees download their exciting and accessible digital gift bags via emails, QR codes, websites and event app alerts.


Everyone can measure their impact and show an ROI.

Event sponsors and exhibitors can collect the data, analyse habits and follow up warm leads.

Event organisers can learn more about their customers and tweak processes and designs.

Something We All Get

SWAG stands for Something We All Get and we are proud that our virtual bags are accessible to everyone and kind to the environment.

How it’s impacted on our customers

“I used Swagable at a hybrid event that I attended remotely and enjoyed having access to virtual swag bag. I signed up to receive updates from a couple of the sponsors I was interested in and entered a prize draw for a hamper, which I won and was delivered to me at home! It made my week and certainly made the event memorable for me!”

Brian Burgon
Co-Founder, EqualEdge

Our prices

From big virtual conferences or smaller in person events – Whatever your virtual events, we have a good price for you.  You will get the most value if you have at least 6 event sponsors

Prices starting from £1500

starting from


Accessible is not boring; ask the guys at Apple.

It inspires boldness, creativity, and innovation, and it is the right thing to do.

At Swagable, we have over 20 years of expertise in conference planning, with 15 of those specialising in creating accessible events.

Building relationships at in-person, virtual or hybrid events

The events landscape may be changing at a breakneck speed, but we know that building relationships is still at the heart of our business. And part of that strategy is still…

The humble but mighty swag bag

Swagable brings together our team’s event and marketing expertise to create stress-free and trackable virtual swag bags.

While running a virtual conference in 2021, we couldn’t find any accessible digital event gift bags anywhere!

So we called in the IT and accessibility experts and built our own.

Our top tips for the best virtual swag bags

 Keep out the boring and generic virtual event – no one needs this

For virtual swag ideas, give them valuable digital content that inspires action

Make it feel personal

Be unforgettable and make sure you stand out