5 Sponsorship Package Tips for Virtual Events


5 Sponsorship Package Tips for Virtual Events

Virtual Events

6 Minute read, Published: March 25, 2024


Can you believe how much the event scene is changing? Online gatherings are more than a fad. They’re the norm. It’s a buzzing place filled with opportunities and challenges, especially when getting sponsors on board.

So, let’s chat about something important: sponsorships. They are the key to making your online events a hit!

Have you heard about digital swag bags? They’re virtual goodie bags that work magic in delighting your attendees. Plus, they’re a way for sponsors to show off their brands in a fun and colorful way.

Here at Swagable, we got the scoop on five sponsorship package tips for virtual events. Ready to make your digital event shine? Let’s do this!

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Want to know the secret to planning a super awesome event? It’s all about understanding your audience! Yep, getting to know who’s coming to your event is key.

So, how do you do it? Customization is the name of the game! Tailor your event and sponsorship packages to match what your peeps are into. This way, everything feels just right for them.

Why does it matter? When your event vibes with your audience, they’ll be more into it, and so will your sponsors. It’s a win-win!

Tools like Google Analytics and social media insights can also help you. They’re giving you all the juicy data you need to spot trends and see what your audience is all about.  

Tailoring Sponsorship to Audience Need

It’s all about knowing your audience inside out! Besides knowing their age or where they’re from, you can take a deep dive into what makes them!

Create event and sponsorship packages like custom-made outfits perfectly tailored to fit your audience’s tastes. When everything lines up right, it’s like music to their ears!

When your event vibes with your crowd, it’s like a magnet – everyone’s drawn in. Your attendees are having a blast. What about your sponsors? They love being part of something that clicks with the crowd. 

2. Leverage Multimedia Content

Engaging Visuals

Think of your swag bags as a blank canvas you can fill with cool stuff. Here are some tips to make them stand out:

a. Personalization 

Have you ever thought about making each swag bag feel like it was handpicked for the person getting it? Dive into the data to see what people are into and tailor the content accordingly. Whether it’s goodies for different folks or industries, it’s all about making everyone feel special.

b. Games, Games, Games 

Who doesn’t love a bit of fun? Sprinkle quizzes, puzzles, or challenges into your swag bags that match your event’s vibe or your sponsors’ products. Throw in rewards, like digital badges or exclusive offers, to get everyone involved.

c. Get Social 

Let’s get the party started on social media! Add custom hashtags, funky filters, or snazzy digital stickers related to your event to increase the excitement.

d. Live Feedback 

Do you want to hear what people think? Stick some live polls or feedback forms right in those swag bags. It’s a fab way to get everyone chatting and gathering insights for your next event.

e. Tech Time 

If you’re feeling fancy (and have the resources), why not dive into VR or AR? Picture giving folks a virtual tour of a sponsor’s spot or a cool product demo in augmented reality. 

f. Doing Good 

Nowadays, it’s more about the event – about making a difference. Share details about sustainability or social impact projects tied to your event or sponsors. It’ll hit home with your audience and make them feel more connected.

g. Special Deals 

Sweeten the deal with exclusive discounts or offers from your sponsors. Everyone loves a good bargain, right?

By filling up your digital swag bags with all these goodies, you’re turning them from souvenirs into unforgettable parts of the event experience. Trust me, your attendees will be raving about them for ages! 

Multimedia Creation Tools

When creating eye-catching stuff, Canva and Adobe Spark are your creative sidekicks. Whether you’re whipping up a presentation or a striking social media post, they’ve got your back. And the best part? They’re easy to use!

If you want to add a bit of fun to your content, check out platforms like Outgrow. They’re all about taking your stuff to the next level. Turn a boring infographic into a cool interactive quiz or transform a plain guide into a decision-making wizard. How cool is that?

With these tools in your arsenal, you’re making content that looks good, really grabs people’s attention, and gets them involved.

So, whether you’re crafting presentations, posts, or anything in between, these tools can make your content shine! 

3. Maximise Networking Opportunities

Add a sprinkle of magic to your digital swag bag to turn up the fun. How? Giving your attendees access to talks or workshops will spice up their experience!

Let’s talk about bringing your sponsors and attendees closer together. How about setting up some cool interactive stuff, like Q&A sessions or virtual booths? It’s not about bombarding folks with info – it’s about opening up a two-way street of chatter and connection. These interactive features can turn a regular old event into a buzzing hive of activity, making everyone feel super involved and pumped up.

By getting people mingling and chatting, your digital swag bag becomes more than a treat – it becomes a connector, turning your event into a lively, interactive hangout! 

4. Offer Value Beyond the Event

Make your digital swag bags the gift that keeps on giving! Keep that excitement alive long after everyone’s gone home.

Have you ever heard of long-term subscriptions? They’re like the ultimate surprise in your swag bags, giving attendees something to look forward to even after the event.

It’s important to keep your sponsors in the loop, too. Setting up ways for them to stay connected with attendees is key. 

Adding elements that stick around even after the event wraps up and helping sponsors keep the party going makes your digital swag bags more than a memory. They become a bridge that connects the event’s excitement with ongoing engagement and value. 

5. Transparent ROI Measurement

With ROI (return on investment), you can show your sponsors exactly how attendees interact with their swag bag goodies and what they do during the event. 

How do you pull off this magic trick? You’ve got some tools at your disposal, like Google Analytics or other event platforms. They can keep track of all the important stuff – who’s doing what, when they’re doing it, and how they’re getting involved.

Using these tools gives them a clear picture of how their involvement is making a real impact. 


Once you’ve got this down, you’ll level up your game in getting people involved and making your sponsorships valuable.

And guess what? That’s where we come in at Swagable! Our secret sauce? Digital swag bags. We’ll help you customize them to make your event stand out and leave an impact.

Are you thinking about jazzing up your virtual event? Why not give us a shout? We’re all about teaming up with you to make your virtual swag bag dreams come true. Let’s chat and turn those event ideas of yours into something awesome!

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