6 Swag Ideas for Virtual Events and Conferences


6 Swag Ideas for Virtual Events and Conferences

Virtual Events

5 Minute read, Published: March 7, 2024


The recent global pandemic has made virtual events and conferences as common as catching up with friends over a video call. Yet, event organisers face their fair share of challenges. This is especially true when it comes to engaging attendees in the digital space. It’s no easy feat when everyone’s tuning in from the cosiness of their homes. But fear not,Savvy organisers have discovered a secret weapon: swag for virtual events. Sprinkle in some delightful goodies to turn any online gathering into a memorable experience. This creates a bridge between the virtual and real worlds.

What Are Virtual Swag Bags?

Think back to the sheer delight of being a wide-eyed kid.You eagerly anticipated the moment when you’d receive a goodie bag at the end of a friend’s birthday party. The anticipation, curiosity, and sheer joy of exploring the treasures was almost as exciting as the party. Now, imagine that same sense of excitement as an adult, but in a virtual setting. Swag bags are essentially the grown-up version of those childhood goodie bags. They capture the thrill of discovery. They also deliver carefully chosen surprises. Essentially, they are a collection of promotional items, freebies, and exclusive treats offered to event participants. Only this time, they are tailored to enhance your virtual event experience.

Importance of Providing Swag Bags at Virtual Events

If you are planning a virtual event, providing swag bags is one of the most effective ways to encourage attendance and engagement. It also improves brand perception. Here’s why.

1. Increased brand recall

An Advertising Specialty Institute study revealed that swag bags can boost brand recall. By including branded merchandise or promotional items in the swag bag, organisations create lasting impressions on participants. These items have a tangible nature that reinforces brand identity. They ensure that attendees remember the event and the associated brands long after the virtual gathering concludes.

2. More cost-effective than traditional ads

Swag bags offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising. Unlike expensive ad campaigns, they allow brands to reach their target audience directly. This delivers a tangible and memorable brand experience without breaking the bank. Swag bags also provide a unique and personalised way to connect with consumers.

3. Fostering goodwill and a sense of community

Swag bags significantly contribute to fostering goodwill. They also build a sense of community among virtual event participants. Receiving a carefully curated bag of surprises creates a positive association with the brand. This generates goodwill. Furthermore, unboxing these items together creates a communal bond. It helps offset the often-isolating nature of virtual events.

4. Promoting brand loyalty

Offering swag bags during virtual events becomes a powerful tool for promoting brand loyalty. When attendees receive valuable and thoughtful items, it creates a positive perception of the brand.This positive sentiment helps build long-term relationships with customers. It encourages repeat engagement and solidifies brand loyalty over time. .

How to Create the Ultimate Swag for Virtual Events

Creating the ultimate swag bag for your upcoming virtual event involves a thoughtful curation of items that not only promote the brand but also enhance the overall experience. Here are a few swag ideas to help you get started.

1. Pre-event welcome swag

Kick off the excitement by providing pre-event welcome swag that sets the tone for the upcoming virtual gathering. Include branded materials, sneak peeks, or exclusive content to build anticipation and create an early connection with participants.

2. Self-care and wellness packs

We live in an increasingly digital world where we spend most of our days in front of computers. You can help attendees focus on their well-being with self-care and wellness packs. If you are willing to splurge, you can also provide gym membership discount codes/vouchers participants can use after the conference.

3. Digital swag bags

Embrace the virtual nature of the event by offering digital swag bags. Include downloadable content, exclusive access codes, or virtual experiences. Attendees can enjoy them from the comfort of their screens. These items include personalised Zoom backgrounds and wallpapers. You can also include discount codes for music and video streaming services,

4. Gamification systems

Engage attendees with gamification systems within the swag bag. Include interactive challenges, quizzes, or exclusive access to virtual games. This turns the swag experience into an entertaining and interactive adventure.

5. Food-related gifts

Appeal to the senses with food-related swag for virtual events. Recipe kits for a virtual cooking experience and UberEats codes for a free meal add a special touch to the swag bag. They make it more memorable and fun. .

6. Post-event swag

Extend the event’s impact with post-event swag. Include thank-you notes, exclusive discounts for future purchases, or additional digital content. This keeps the connection alive and leaves a lasting impression on participants.

Elevate Your Virtual Events with Exciting Swag Bags

Virtual events have become an integral part of our connected world. The importance of swag bags cannot be overstated. The curated bundles offer tangible benefits for event participants. They serve as powerful tools for organisers and their sponsors. The swag bags enhance brand perception, foster community, and promote lasting connections. Providing swag bags can transcend the limitations of virtual interactions. It transforms online gatherings into memorable experiences. The experiences resonate long after your event concludes.. If you’re an event organiser looking to create unforgettable virtual experiences, Swagable is here to help. We’ll transform your vision into reality. Our expert team specialises in curating exciting and personalised swag bags. They capture your brand essence and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Get in touch with us today!

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